QR Code Generator

Create a free QR code with our easy-to-use generator.

How do I create a free QR Code?

Follow 6 easy steps to learn how to generate a QR code
Select the QR Code type
You can choose between a classic and a branded QR code.
Upload your logo
Make the QR code yours by uploading your logo.
Customize the QR code style
You can select between four different QR code styles and six different corner shapes.
Personalize the QR code with your brand colors
You can select the colors for the QR code, the corners and even for the background.
Enter your URL
Type in the URL to link with your QR Code. This will be the website that opens when someone scans your QR code.
Enter your email and download the QR code
You will receive your QR code by email. The QR Code will also be available for immediate download in .png format.

QR code generator with logo

Create a unique branded QR code, fully personalized with your logo and brand colors.
QR code generator with logo
Add a logo or icon into your QR Code for a totally personalized, branded QR code. Square logos usually work best with QR codes, and look more visually appealing. If your QR code will lead to your social media page, you could use the Facebook, Instagram, or other social media logo to make it clear where the user will be redirected to.
Customize your QR code with the colors you want. You can use this feature to align your QR code design with your branding, or to match the color scheme of the document where it will be displayed. You can also change the color of individual elements, such as the QR code patterns, the corner position markers and the background of the QR code.
QR code generator with logo

What can I use a QR code for?

There are hundreds of creative ways to use QR codes for your business or organization. Here are 7 common use-cases for QR codes:
Generate QR code for URL
QR Codes are frequently used to direct potential customers to a landing page or website. An interested user can scan the code and get directed straight to the relevant landing page or web page. Use your QR code to link to your company's website, or a specific landing page. Rather than typing in a long URL, which takes time and can lead to errors, users can just scan the QR code and be redirected to the correct page. This is the perfect method for shortening long, complicated URLs, as well as hiding unsightly UTM tags for easier tracking.
Share a document or PDF file with QR code
Your QR code can also be linked to PDF or other files hosted online. This is a great, environmentally-friendly way to share important documents with your customers in a digitalized format, and removes the need to print paper copies. It's also very useful for documents that are updated often, such as a seasonal restaurant menu where the specials change each month.
    Social media QR Code
    Allow people to easily follow you on your social media pages. Whether that's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other social media channel.
    The advantage of using QR codes is that if the person scanning the code is logged into the social media native apps on their phone, the page should normally open in their app rather than the browser. This then becomes even easier for them to follow you.
    App download QR Code
    Create a QR code for your app to increase the number of app installations.
    Just like with the social media QR codes, scanning your QR code will open your app's listing directly in the App Store or Play Store, removing the need to search for your app.
    Video QR Code
    Create a QR code to promote your company video, product tutorials, how-tos brand movie and many more.
    Online forms QR code
    Ask your customers to fill in your online forms.
    Reviews QR code
    QR codes are a much better and quicker way to get customers to review your store or products than asking them to do so at checkout. If needed, you can also offer an accompanying discount for every positive review.

    What are the advantages of using QR codes?

    QR codes are one of the most innovative ways of connecting offline and online experiences in a seamless way. Before QR codes, people would have to open their browser, type in a long URL, or search for you directly on social media. All of these extra steps come with typing errors and additional frustrations that can prevent the user from finding the information they need, or completing the action you want them to do.

    Good usage of QR codes reduces friction in the user experience. Hence, it is more likely that the user will complete the desired action, whether it's visiting an informative page on your website, filling out a form on your landing page or following you on social media. Using QR codes is therefore likely to improve your conversion rates, compared to the traditional method of manually typing a URL.

    In summary, QR codes can enable you to:
    • Share information quickly on a public scale to anyone with a smartphone
    • Lead users to specific pages
    • Seamlessly connect your brand's offline and online experience
    • Improve your landing page conversion rates
    • Embed UTM tracking in a discreet way

    What is a QR code?

    QR code is an abbreviation of "Quick Response Code". It is a type of square-shaped barcode which is readable by machines to unlock the information that is contained inside. It was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave, and has since been used across the world in many applications.

    What is a QR code generator?

    A QR code generator is a type of software that allows you to create a QR code easily. Mention's free QR code generator allows you to link a URL, digital file or media to a unique QR code downloadable in a PNG format. This can then be printed or embedded into your website depending on your QR code needs.

    Are QR Codes free?

    Yes! With Mention's free QR Code generator, you can create and customize your own QR codes at no cost.

    Can I use the generated QR Codes for commercial purposes?

    Yes, your generated QR code can be used for any purpose, whether that's business or personal uses.

    How long will my QR code stay valid for?

    Mention's QR Code Generator creates static QR codes. Static QR codes never expire and will continue to work forever.

    Is there a scan limit for the QR codes?

    Your QR code can be scanned an unlimited number of times. It will continue to work forever.

    How many QR codes can I create?

    There is no limit for the number of QR codes you can create. You can make as many free QR codes as you like.

    I want to insert my company logo in the QR code, is that possible?

    Yes. You will need to select the "Branded QR Code" type at Step 1, where you'll be able to upload your company's logo. We recommend uploading a square icon format of your logo. This option is available for free.

    Should QR Codes be black and white?

    No. QR Codes can be created in any color you like. With Mention's Free QR Code Generator, you can select different foreground and background colors using the color picker or entering a HEX code. We recommend using colors that contrast with each other as this will be easier to scan (i.e. a dark color on a light background, or a light color on a dark background).

    How do you scan a QR code?

    Almost all smartphones have the native ability to scan QR codes via the camera application. This is certainly the case for Apple devices running iOS, and Android devices running the latest Android software.
    All you need to do is open the camera application and point your phone at the QR code as if you were taking a picture of it. The link should then appear on the screen, which can be clicked and opened in your smartphone's browser.

    Do I need to download a specific QR code reader app or other software to scan a QR code?

    Normally, your smartphone's camera app will have the ability to scan a QR code without any additional software. However, if this is not the case for you, there are dedicated QR code scanner apps available. These also offer additional features such as keeping a history of scanned QR codes and the ability to scan traditional barcodes.

    What are the three shapes in the corner of the QR code?

    These are called "position markers" and ensure that the QR code is oriented correctly for accurate scanning. They are an essential element of the QR code, and it cannot function properly without these position markers. These are often square shaped, but a rounded square also works.